Brief History About CRM

Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries, a conglomerate of many other ministries, was founded April 1977.

It started as a protest against revival of Idolatry when Nigeria hosted the Second world Black Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC`77)

Since then it has been organizing programmes in different parts of this country and the World in General by planting Churches and bringing Believers out of lethargy and complacency.

With three pronged motto of HOLINESS,FAITH AND LOVE. It has been in the front line, preaching about Sanctification and Holy living as a Pre-requisite for the kingdom of God.

It has also maintained the importance of Faith and Love in every facet of Christian living. The consistency of Her Message over the years has endeared many to this organization.

It is a Friend to all and an enemy to none. It co-operates with other Ministries to organize evangelistic programs from time to time.


Myth & Truth About Sex

Myth 1. Sex Education Programmes Encourage Teens To Have Sex.

The purpose of a good sexual education program is to teach students about the biology of reproductive organs, how pregnancy happens, how diseases are spread, and how to prevent these undesired outcomes from happening. Humans are sexual creatures and a good sex education program should give students all the tools they need to make healthy and responsible choices.